Wall Mount Bike Brackets | No Lifting Required

Wall Mount Bike Brackets. No Lifting needed. #42488 wall mount bike brackets allow users to roll the bike tire onto the brackets with minimal lifting of your bike bike, #42488NL has taken off throughout NYC. This user friendly bike storage minimizes the need to lift the bike on to the bike bracket. If you can lift your bike onto a curb, This bike bracket is for your bike room. Bikers can roll the bike onto its back wheel, Then roll the bike up the wall to the cushioned bike hook and store the bike, The bike can then be secured by looping cushion coated security cable through the bike frame and bike tires and further secured with a padlock. Upon mounting the bike, the bike can be swiveled to the right to increase aisle space. Bikes can be stored just 14″ apart. We alternate the heights of the brackets so the handlebars don’t touch other bikes.
No Lift Bike Brackets. Our bike brackets have been designed with the bike owner in mind, Picking up or returning a bike should be as easy as lifting your bike onto a curb. #42488NL makes wall mount bike storage easy top use.

No Lift Bike Brackets can be swiveled either left or right to create additional aisle space when needed. See below.

4888 bike bracket
Wall Mount Bike Racks. No Lifting Required, Just roll the front tire up to the bike bracket and push your bike forward onto our bike bracket.
NL1888 wall mount swivel bike bracket
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Wall Mount Bike Storage has proven to be the most space efficient way to maximize bike room storage space. Converting bike rooms to wall mount storage increases existing bike storage by 50%. Bike Room Solutions provides complimentary bike room layouts. Bike Room management tips to help you maintain a user friendly bike room long term with no maintenance required. Our #NL1888 wall mount bike brackets comes with a 5 year warranty, We ship Nationwide daily.

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Wall Mount Bike Brackets. Space Saving, Easy to use