Wall Mount Bike Racks Free – Generate Revenue

Wall Mount Bike Racks – Free – Generate Revenue. Earn up to 50% Commission. Create a revenue generating Amenity for your residential, office building or vacant retail storefront. We’ll install and provide the building a 50% commission monthly. Or buy the bike brackets and keep 100% of the revenue generated. Email us now for information Sales@BikeRoomSolutions.com

Wall Mount Bike Racks Free - Generate Revenue - NYC
Wall Mount Bike Racks Free – Generate Revenue. Create a bike room in your buildings empty stored front or basement for tenants and or neighboring buildings. Furnished and installed free/ Earn 50% commission daily. The bike room can be permanent or temporary until the space is leased. Email us today for details and free onsite layout. Sales@BikeRoomSolutions.com

Wall Mount Bike Racks Free – Generate Revenue Bike Room Solutions provides Pandemic recovery, Revenue Generating solutions for developers, landlords, co-ops and condo’s and office buildings and retail storefronts. Our Bike Techs can quickly set up the bike room to be temporary until the space is leased or permanent.

Wall mount vertical bike racks NYC
Wall Mount Bike Racks installed no charge in the West Village free. The building immediately starting earning 50% commission the first day. P(917) 701-5795

Bike Room Solutions Manufactures and is a master distributor of bike racks and tenant storage cages with offices in NYC & NJ. Our bike techs have designed and installed space saving, Easy to use, Locking Bike storage in thousands of buildings in the New York City Metro area for decades.

Wall mount bike brackets NYC
A vacant Lexington Ave storefront was converted into a revenue generating bike room for residents and neighboring buildings. Free onsite layouts and revenue generating info based on your space. P(917) 701-5795

Residential buildings and Commercial buildings are facing debt with vacant apartments, offices and retail space like never before. Turn underutilized space immediately into revenue a generating bike room for residents and near by buildings. How it Works, Bike Room Solutions will install our Wall Mount Bike Racks in your space at no charge. The building charges a monthly rental fee for each bike stored averaging $20.00 per month. A completely free bike storage space with 60 bike spaces renting out for $20.00 per month will generate $1,200.00 per month. The building will receive $600.00 per month in commission. Creating $7,200.00 per year in revenue for the building. Our bike techs will create a space saving, code compliant bike storage space at no cost to the building.

Retail Store Fronts. Imagine being a landlord with one or more vacant retail store fronts with little chance during the pandemic or renting out. Recently in New York City two high rise buildings, Both with vacant retail space contacted us. One landlord on Lexington Ave wanted to offer their office tenants a bike room in the retail space. The other landlord wanted to offer her bike storage in their retail space to their residents in the high rise above and to neighboring buildings. Our Bike Techs visited both buildings and provided a space saving easy to use bike room designs.

Wall Mounted bike rack NYC
Our NYC Bike Techs installed free bike brackets in a Times Square office buildings parking garage at no charge. The building is generating $2,500.00 per month in commissions fr bike spaces rented out to office tenants and neighboring buildings.

The following week Lexington Ave retail front had our bike techs install 60 #42488 wall mount vertical bike brackets in the rear of the store. Substantial space was saved. Our bike brackets have been designed to allow bikes to be stored every 12″ by alternating the heights of the brackets the handlebars do not touch other bikes handlebars, #42488 bike brackets also provide secure bike storage. Attached to each bracket is a 5′ long cushion coated security cable that can be wrapped around the bike frame and both rims, The secured with the bike owners lock. The previously vacant storefront is now generating $14,400.00 per year in revenue an monthly commissions to the building of $600.00 per month, $7,200.00 per year in commission with no upfront install or material charges.

The Madison Ave building has 100 #42488 bike brackets installed in their retail storefront, Renting each bike space out for $20.00 per month. After 2 weeks with a joint effort contacting neighboring office and residential buildings the building quickly requested 50 more brackets. With their tenants and neighboring buildings the retail store front now rents out 150 bike spaces at $20.00 per month, Generating $12,000.00 per year in revenue. We also offer to sell and install the bike room brackets upfront so that the building can receive 100% of the revenue, In this case the bike room would generate $24,000.00 per year in revenue. If interested contact us today. We have offices in New York City and New Jersey that provide Complimentary layouts either online or onsite with revenue generating information based on your specific space. Email is now for immediate assistance. Sales@BikeRoomSoluitions.com

Currently this program is available in New York City’s five boroughs and New Jersey with a national rollout scheduled in the first quarter of 2021.

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Wall Mount Bike Brackets. Space Saving, Easy to use