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Vertical Bike Racks Brooklyn. Space Saving, Easy to use, Stocked in Midwood, Complementary Layouts, Locking, Revenue Generators, FREE DELIVERY.   Manufacturers and Master Distributors of Bike Racks and Tenant Storage Cages. Designed and Manufactured for today’s Bike Room needs. #42488 Wall Mount Vertical Bike Brackets have been designed to allow bikes to be spaced just 12″ apart when space is tight. Manufactured with Cushion coated steel with a shiny black powder coat finish. Bikes can be locked with our brackets. Attached to each bracket is a five foot long cushion coated security cable that can be wrapped around the bike frame, both rims and secured with the owners lock.  Our Bike Techs provide Complementary Bike Room Layouts six days a week. Feel free to use the EZ form in the link above or contact us for immediate assistance. P(917) 701-5795.

Vertical Wall Mount Bike Racks Brooklyn
Vertical Bike Racks Brooklyn. Complementary Layouts, Locking, Generates revenue, Stocked in Midwood, Free delivery. P(917) 701-5795

Complementary Layouts can be done online or onsite. With the code compliant layout, Included is bike room set up tips to help create a self managed, maintenance free bike room, With room to grow when space permits. #42488 Wall Mount Bike Brackets increases existing bike room capacities by 50% over previous generations or bike storage While keeping the floor totally clear for easy use, Reducing liabilities. If the bike room walls are sheet rock we suggest adding plywood supports over the walls as shown below. The plywood supports should be 22″ high x 2″ thick (or plywood the entire wall if easier) Our team will do this or we will show your staff at no charge upon delivery). Prior to installing the bike brackets consider painting the walls in a matte or semi gloss finish for easy removal of dirt marks with a wet cloth. If the bike room is small #42488 bike brackets can be installed on 12″ centers, We alternate the heights

Vertical Bike Racks Brooklyn NY 11230
Vertical Bike Racks Brooklyn,Best in class, Cost effective, Space saving bike storage. #42488 bike brackets, Stocked in Brooklyn, Free delivery.

64″ & 74″ off the floor from the cushioned bike room. Initially if the bike room is spacious install the bike brackets on 24″ centers all at 74″ from the cushioned bike hook to the floor. Then when more bike spaces are needed install the bike brackets in between the previously installed bike hangers all at 64″ from the cushioned bike hook to the floor.

Vertical Bike Racks Brooklyn NY
Vertical Bike Racks Brooklyn. #42488 increases bike room capacity up to 50%. Each bracket has a cushion coated cable that can be wrapped around the bike frame, both rims and secured with the bike owners lock. Free bike room layouts. P(917) 701-5795

Vertical Bike Racks Brooklyn generate good revenue. Today most developers, landlords, Co-op, Condo boards, Apartments charge a monthly rental fee to use the bike room averaging $15.00 to $20.00 per month. Bike Rooms with 50 bike assigned bike positions renting out for $15.00 per month will generate $9,000.00 per year. The ROI averages just 6-7 months. Our Tenant Storage Cages stocked in Brooklyn generate excellent revenue. Most tenant storage cages are rented out today from $85.00 to $250.00 per month, Depending on the size. Stocked in Single Tier – Full height doors, Two Tier – Stacked doors and PH Penthouse Tenant Storage (large).

Tenant Storage Lockers Midwood Brooklyn NY 11230
Tenant Storage Cages Midwood Brooklyn NY 11230. Large local inventory, Complementary layouts, Revenue Generator, Free Delivery, Professionally Installed. Sales@LockersUSA.com

Our Team also provides complimentary tenant storage cage layouts daily. Contact us today for immediate assistance. Sales@BikeRoomSolutions.com

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