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Tenant Storage Cages Staten Island. Our team manufactures and is a stocking distributors of tenant storage cages and wall mount bike racks. Located just ten minutes from the Outerbridge crossing our team delivers tenant storage cages to Staten Island daily.

Storage Cages Staten Island.
Tenant Storage Cages Staten Island. Free layouts and quote Generates excellent revenue.

Tenant Storage Cages are stocked in Single tier – full height and double tier – stacked doors in 24 standard sizes. Doors can be 3′ wide or 4′ wide, Each door has a welded hasp for the residents lock, Number tag and full height anti-theft lock bars.

Storage Cages Staten Island NY
Tenant Storage Cages Staten Island. Stocked in 24 standard sizes just minutes from the Outerbridge crossing.

Depending on your buildings needs and available space. The cages are manufactured with framed 1/4″ thick welded wire in rust resistant galvanized or gray. 1/4″ thick is more than double the welded wire thickness provided by other brands.

Security Cages Staten Island NY
Tenant Storage Cages Staten Island. Generates excellent revenue. 1 yer ROI. Free onsite layouts and quote. Sales@LockersUSA.com

Our team provides complimentary code compliant layouts and quote. Contact us for immediate assistance.

Tenant Storage Cages in Staten Island Generate excellent revenue. Today most residential buildings, Apartment complexes, Condo developments rent storage cages to Staten Island residents. Rentals for cages range from $75.00 to $300.00 per month depending on the size. A storage room with 40 cages renting out for $90.00 per month will generate $43,200.00 per year in revenue. The tenant storage cages typically pay for themselves in just one year (ROI).

Security Cage Staten Island NY
Security storage cages in Staten Island. Ideal for securing inventory and access control. Complimentary layouts and quote. P(917) 701-5795

Our facility also stocks security storage cages for warehouses and facilities to secure inventory in. Inventory cages can range from 8′ high to 24′ high with or without ceilings.

Woven wire security cage Staten Island
Security Cage Staten Island parking garage.

Costs savings can be had by using the rooms back and or side walls as part of the cage enclosure. Doors can be singe doors hinged or sliding, double doors hinged or slide from 3′ wide to 12 wide. Lock options include cylinder locks, Welded hasp for padlocks, Programmable locks with either push button, card swipe, key fob or electric strikes.

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