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Wall Mount Bike Brackets Bethesda. Store Bikes just 12″ apart, No Lifting, Free Layouts, Lockable.  Lifetime Warranty. Bike Storage in Bethesda’s residential, office buildings and garages has become challenging.

Stores bikes just 12" apart. Free Layouts, Lifetime Warranty. Sales@BikeRoomSolutions.com
Stores bikes just 12″ apart. Free Layouts, Lifetime Warranty. Sales@BikeRoomSolutions.com

Traditional floor mount bike racks take up too much space and can become hazardous as bikes accumulates.  BikeRoomSolutions wall mount bike storage brackets have alleviated overcrowded bike rooms, Creating space saving, Easy to use wall mount bike storage while keeping the floor totally clear. #42488 wall mount bike brackets have been designed to allow bikes to be stored just 12″ apart. Manufactured with all welded steel with a shiny black powder coat finish. Added security is added. Attached to each #42488 wall mount bike bracket is a 5′ long cushion coated security cable that can be wrapped around the bike frame, Both rims and secured with the bike owners lock.Wall Mount Bike Brackets Bethesda MD

When maximum space savings is needed we alternate the heights of each of our #42488 brackets 66″ & 76″ so the handle bars don’t touch other bikes.  If the bike room walls are sheet rock we recommend installing  plywood supports over the gypsum for secure anchoring. 2″ thick x 20″h across the bike walls. Prior to installing the bike brackets, Paint the walls and plywood supports in a semi gloss  finish for easy removal of dirt marks with a wet cloth.

Our team provides complimentary bike room layouts just fill out the form in the link and return and we will get to work for you.


Wall Mount Bike Brackets Bethesda MarylandBike Room Solutions also stocks No lifting wall mount brackets. Ideal for high end and senior residential residential buildings. #NL1888 bike brackets https://bikeroomsolutions.com/wall-mount-bike-brackets/ make bike storage easy, Just tilt the bike onto the back wheel and roll the bike forward onto the bike guide rails and your done.  No Lift Bike brackets are also space saving, Bikes can be stored just 12″ apart. No lift bike brackets also allow bike to be swung to the wall left or right to increase aisle space. Our BikeNicans will gladly provide complimentary bike room layouts to help you create the ideal space saving bike room.

BikeRoomSolutions also stocks Fat Tire bike brackets for tires up to 5″ diameter. They too are also no lifting. Contact us today for immediate assistance. P(888) 963-5355 or email us Sales@BikeRoomSolutions.com

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