Wall Mount Bike Racks Brooklyn

Wall Mount Bike Racks Brooklyn. Space Saving, User Friendly wall mount bike racks. As biking popularity continues to grow, Bike Rooms in residential building have become over crowded and hard to navigate. Bike Room Solutions has created a wall mount bike bracket that allows bikes to be stored just 12″ apart. Designed to be user friendly and space efficient. Keeping the floors totally clear for easy access. Our all welded bike brackets hold any size bike tire. Each brackets is powder coated shiny black with a vinyl coated security cable that can be looped around the bike frame, both tires and padlocked.

Wall Mount Bike Brackets installed on Washington Ave Brooklyn. Free on site Layouts. P(917)837-0032.

Bike Room Solutions provides complimentary bike room layouts, Professional installations with the best warranty and lowest cost nationwide. If your considering creating a bike room or need to reconfigure your existing bike room to increase bike storage up to 50%. Our BikeNicians will recommend if your bike room walls are shhet rock (gypsum) to add plywood supports behind the bike brackets for added strength and anchoring. Our guys can do that for you at no additional charge. Our install team will also provide handy information on how to manage the bike room so that it stays need and organized. Today some buildings charge a rental fee for bike storage averaging $10.00 to $15.00 per month.

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Wall Mount Bike Racks Brooklyn NY.