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Wall Mount Bike Racks Phoenix. Space efficient, Easy to use, Lockable. Wall mount vertical bike racks increase bike room storage space significantly. Over 50% increase over floor racks.

Wall mount bike hooks Phoenix
Wall Mount Bike Racks Phoenix. Space saving, Easy to use, Locking. Free bike room layouts. Sales@BikeRoomSolutions.com

#1888 Wall Mount Bike Racks are built to last. Manufactured with powder coat steel with a no scratch surface. Each bike bracket has a five foot long cushion coated security cable that can be wrapped around the bike frame and both rims. Then secured with the bike owners lock.

Bike Racks Phoenix Arizona
Wall Mount Bike Racks Phoenix.

Designed to allow bikes to be stored on 12″ centers when space is tight. We alternate the heights of the brackets so the handlebars don’t touch other bikes.

Bike Racks Arizona
Wall Mount Bike Racks in Phoenix. Free bike room layouts. Sales@BikeRoomSolutions.com

Wall mount bike racks can be installed securely onto wood planks 2″ thick. Attached the planks securely to the rooms beams and use toggle bolts for added anchoring if needed. Our bike Techs suggest painting the bike room walls in a semi gloss or satin finish for easy removal of tire dirt and scuff marks. Add number tags onto the bike brackets for assignment.

Wall Mount Bike Rack in Phoenix generate revenue. Most residential buildings and garages charge a monthly rental rate to use the bike room. Today Landlords charge from $10.00 to $19.99 per month to store bikes. A bike room with 50 bikes paying just $15.00 per month will generate $10,800.00 in revenue. The #1888’s pay for themselves typically within 6 months.

How to begin the installation. start 18′ off the corner. Install the first bracket 64″ high from the floor to the bike hook, Install the next one 12″ center to center and 74″ high from the floor to the bike hook. Stop 18″ prior to the end of the wall.

BikeRoomSolutions has over 30,000 #1888’s bike brackets being used every day nationwide. We manufacture 500 per week. Most orders ship the same day.

Our Bike Techs provide Code Compliant Complimentary Bike Room Layouts in Arizona. Feel free to fill out the Bike Room Layout Form and return.