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Wall Mount Bike Brackets Broadway NYC

Wall Mount Bike Brackets Broadway NYC. Store bike just 12″ apart, Free Layouts, Available with $1,000. Anti Theft Bike Lock Warranty. Generates Revenue. Free Delivery. BikeRoomSolutions wall mount bike brackets #42488 manufactured with industrial quality all welded steel with a durable powder coat, Shiny black finish.

Wall Mount Bike Brackets NYC Wall Mount Bike Brackets Broadway NYC

Bike Room Layouts: BikeRoomSolutions provides complimentary bike room layouts online or onsite. #42488 is designed to allow bikes to be stored just 12″ apart when space is tight and User Friendly with minimal lifting. Typically our bike techs layout will increase bike room capacity 50% over traditional bike racks while keeping the floor totally clear. If the bike room walls are sheet rock we recommend adding plywood supports over the gypsum for long term anchoring support. Plywood support can be install by our Techs or your team. Recommended size of the plywood supports is 22″ high x 2″ thick. Our Bike Room Kits can provide all bike brackets, anchors, locks, number tags and complimentary layout to set up the bike room or for our techs to install.

Wall Mount Bike Brackets NY, NY Wall Mount Bike Brackets Broadway NYC

#42488 Wall Mount Bike Brackets Generate Revenue. Bike Rooms with 40 bikes renting out for the NYC average bike room rental of $15.00 can generate $7,200.00 per year in revenue, Maintenance Free. The bike room typically pays for itself through rentals in 6-7 months. (ROI).Wall Mount Bike Brackets Broadway NYC Wall Mount Bike Brackets Broadway NYC

For immediate assistance, Complimentary Layout, Bike Bracket Specifications and cost along with information on Anti-theft locks with $1,000.00 Warranty contact us at Sales@BikeRoomSolutions.com or call us P(917) 837-0032.

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