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Wall Mounted Bike Brackets Condo’s Apartments

Wall Mounted Bike Brackets Condo’s Apartments. Store bikes just 12″ apart, Easy to use, No Lifting Required, Complimentary Layouts, Free Delivery, Lifetime Warranty. Ideal for Condo buildings, Apartment Complexes, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Commercial parking and Garages. Built to last #42488 Wall Mount Bike Brackets allow bikes to be stored just 12″ apart. Manufactured with all welded steel with a shiny black powder coat finish. Attached to each #42488 is a 5′ long cushion coated security cable that can be wrapped around the bike frame, Both rims and secured with the owners lock. #42488 wall mount bike bracket increase bike room storage capacities by 50% over traditional bike storage.

Wall Mounted Bike Brackets Condo’s Apartments

Wall Mount Vertical Bike Brackets
Wall Mounted Bike Brackets. Complimentary Bike Room Layouts, Free Delivery, Lifetime Warranty P (888) 963-5355 . Sales@BikeRoomSolutions.com

Our Bike Room Techs provide Complimentary Bike Room Layouts, Professional Installations and the only Lifetime Warranty in the industry. In addition our Bike Techs provide complimentary tips for setting up a bike room that will be maintenance free for years. If the walls are sheet rock, We suggest adding plywood supports (as shown in picture below) over the gypsum walls for secure anchoring. 2″ thick x 22″ high. Prior to installing the bike brackets paint the walls and supports with a semi gloss finish for easy removal of dirt marks with a wet cloth. Or add aluminum tread plate under the plywood supports for a great look. Installation is easy, our free layout provides step by step procedures to set up the bike room. Our team is also available to set up the bike room for you.

To maximize space we space our #42488 Wall mount bike brackets just 12″ apart, We alternate the heights 66″ & 76″ so the handlebars don’t touch other bikes. if the bikes are on site our bike install team will measure every bike prior to installing the brackets to create a No Lifting Required installation. To use the bike brackets just tip the bike onto the back wheel and roll the bike on to the #42488 Bike Guide Bar, Once in place wrap the cushion coated security cable around the bike frame and rims and lock it up. Contact BikeRoomSolutions today for immediate assistance. Sales@BikeRoomSolutions.com or P(888) 963-5355.

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