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Wall Mount Bike Brackets NYC | Space efficient Bike Rooms

Wall Mount Bike Brackets NYC. Bike Room Solutions wall mount bike brackets enable bikes to be spaced just 1ft apart. Designed to handle any size bike tire and keep it straight, not swaying into neighboring bikes. Our #42488 wall mount bike bracket is all welded with a powder coat shiny black color. Each bracket comes with a 6ft long cushion coated security cable that can be wrapped around the frame, both tires and padlocked with your padlock, Bike Room Solutions provides free on site bike room layouts to assist with creating a space efficient bike room or reconfiguring an existing bike room to increase bike storage up to 50 %.

Wall Mount Bike Racks Brooklyn NY
Wall Mount Bike Brackets Brooklyn. provide the most space efficient – user friendly bike rooms.
Free on site layouts, Lifetime Warranty. Sales@bikeroomsolutions.com.

When designing a bike room we suggest a couple of steps regardless of who’s bracket you go with. Add plywood supports behind the bracket if the walls are sheet rock or in not so great condition. Then paint the walls in an eggshell finish so dirt can be easily wiped off. When buying bike brackets ask the company to bring a bracket and install it (no charge) so all can “kick the tires”. Bike Room Solutions provides complimentary layouts, installed samples, lifetime warranties, all at the lowest overall cost. Guaranteed. Contact us today for immediate assistance. Sales@BikeRoomSolutions.com or call us P(917)837-0032 Based in NYC Bike Room Solutions proudly serves NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem, Bronx, Staten Island, and NJ.