Wall Mount Bike Racks | How to design a User Friendly, Space Efficient Bike Room, Complimentary Guide

Wall Mount Bike Racks are the most space efficient, User friendly way to store bikes in residential and commercial buildings. Bike popularity has created jammed bike rooms, waiting lists and hazardous conditions. Equiptall’s #1888 wall mount bike bracket is designed to increase bike room storage space, eliminate crowded bike rooms and provide secure, spacious bike rooms. Equiptall provides complimentary bike room layouts, Designing a new bike room or reconfiguring an existing bike room? so that it can add up to 50% more bikes in a user friendly, space efficient design.  Equiptall’s all welded #1888 Bike Brackets have no equal, Rated to hold any size bike tire. Designed for indoor and outdoor use.

 Each #1888 comes with a cushion coated security cable that wraps around the bike frame, both rims and can be padlocked with the bike owners lock.Equiptall’s Bikenicians enjoy providing complimentary  bike room design and installation tips. Our goal is to provide complimentary bike room layouts and the best in class #1888 Wall Mount Bike Brackets that create a great amenity for your bike room. With over 7000 #1888 bike brackets currently in use nationwide, We have loads of experience to help you with your bike room. Contact us today for immediate assistance.
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#1888 Wall Mount bike brackets with security cable. Designed
to allow bikes to be spaced just 12″ apart. User Friendly, Space Efficient.
when creating a bike room we suggest painting the walls in a semi gloss
finish for easy cleaning of tire tracks. If the walls are sheetrock
add plywood supports behind the brackets for secure anchoring.
Free bike room layouts, Free shipping, Lifetime Warranty.
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Wall Mount Bike Racks, Complimentary Bike Room Design and Installation Guide.